Benwood Foundation And UnifiEd Connection Is Disturbing

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dear Hamilton County, my home.  I am genuinely concerned for your future. 

While we were sleeping, our social engineering is being planned in a conservative void after we lost some real conservative leaders in Hamilton County.  

The starting point of my concerns are rooted in knowledge that UnifiEd is an ultra-left political organization. Make no mistake about this.  To compound my concerns, I learned that the beloved Benwood Foundation funds have been hijacked for left political purposes. 

UnifiEd has momentum to change the entire make-up of our elected boards and are indeed achieving this objective.  They posted their vision for our new Hamilton County Commission, which would ultimately result in Republicans losing their voting block. After all, that is the goal.  It is a political ideology being sought. 

So elected officials, why play footsy with UnifiEd, denounce UnifiEd and their endorsement?  

Honestly, I believe local conservatives need to hear elected Republican elected officials denounce UnifiEd and send the financial donations back to them, via check in the mail.  Just because Obama for America throwbacks send an elected person a check, does not require the elected person to accept it.  An elected person may ignore UnifiEd’s endorsement process and reject their funds. 

So what, if you fall out of favor with UnifiEd? 

Like Charlie Hunt wrote, we were all “hoodwinked.” 

So now, it would be appropriate to return mail that financial support to UnifiEd.  I have made more mistakes than I care to remember, that is acceptable. I am still writing apology notes for my mistakes. What is not acceptable is to fail to correct the error as the opportunity presents itself. 

Elected officials, please correct the error, and return the financial support to UnifiEd and/or denounce the endorsement. 

UnifiEd will endorse a few Republicans, until they secure their desire voting block. I believe that is about five seats?  

Republican and conservative elected officials, UnifiEd is not your friend. 

At this rate, in just a couple of more cycles, UnifiEd, will change the make up of our elected boards through highly targeted campaigning, and sophisticated ground campaigns with their new PAC, which will have limitless donation ability. 

It is what UnifiEd had done since 2014 as a 501(c)3, with the new UnifiEd Action PAC the game will ramp up fast.  

UnifiEd will continue to collect elected seats and has substantial campaign infrastructure in place for the upcoming city elections, too much to abandon their mission. UnifiEd will support city attorney, Wade Hinton, as our next mayor. 

You can bank on it! 

I am saddened to learn that the Benwood Foundation has been hijacked by political hacks utilizing the foundation funds for political purposes.  

Mr. Wade Hinton, Chattanooga city attorney, is listed as vice president of the Benwood Foundation. Of course, Benwood Foundation funds are flowing to UnifiEd, look at their board members. It requires no explanation. The list is on Benwood Foundation’s website. 

Andy Berke’s pick for mayor, Wade Hinton, on the Benwood Foundation Board, vice president. How convenient is that?  

Aside from the complications of being political with 501(c)3 funds, the trustees of the Benwood Foundation should be removed for compromising the trust’s reputation for their political agenda. I am really shocked that the Benwood Foundation has been hijacked for political purposes. 

Is UnifiEd going away? I wish, but I doubt it. 

UnifiEd has a mayor’s race to win. 

UnifiEd is calling everyone that disagrees with them a racist. Good luck with that plan UnifiEd et al.  I guess you will need that crisis management person you just hired. 

April Eidson

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