Police Blotter: Thief With Stolen Chinese Dinner Yells Apology As Employees Give Chase; Musician Has $10,000 Violin Stolen

Sunday, May 20, 2018

An employee of the Buffet King, 5230 Highway 153 Suite C., said a white male entered the restaurant and had asked for a to-go box. He filled the box at the buffet before exiting the store passing all points of sale without offering payment. Employees ran after the suspect who yelled an apology before entering a red sedan and fleeing the scene.

* **

At theTexas Roadhouse on Amin Drive, an employee said someone broke out the right side front window of her 2008 Acura MDX. She said that her purse was in the vehicle covered up, and an unknown person stole her purse and its contents. She said she had canceled her main credit cards with no activity on them.

* * *

At 400 I-75 Southbound, b. a man said he was driving down the interstate in the middle lane when an unknown object struck the top left hand corner of his windshield, then bounced and struck the center of his truck bed cover. He was unsure what hit his windshield but stated it struck hard enough to break all the way through and send glass flying into the car. He did not need any medical attention. 

* * *

Police spoke with a man on Cannon Avenue who stated that a man named Cory Birt came to his house to buy a pair of Nike tennis shoes for $40. Mr. Birt gave him a $100 bill and the man gave him $60 back and the tennis shoes. Some time later the man looked at the $100 bill that he received from Birt and suspected that it may be counterfeit. He took the $100 bill to a nearby gas station to have them test it with the marker used to identify counterfeit money and it showed that the money was in fact counterfeit. The man said Birt drives a brown Toyota with drive-out tags. Police were trying to get Birt's side of the story.

* * *

An official of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer on E. 11th Street said sometime on a Sunday night, an unknown party(s) uprooted a bush from its planter, uprooted a mini magnolia tree and broke the branches off of another magnolia tree. She estimates that the total damage was $700.

* * *

The director of security at Erlanger said someone came into the hospital and took a 16X20 acrylic print valued at $350 from the wall inside the hospital. Hospital officials were reviewing video. 

* * *

At a gas station at 2727 Rossville Blvd.,  a truck pulled up to the gas pump, removed the latch and the driver began filling up his truck. The manager said the operator of the truck took 468 gallons of diesel gas before pulling off. She said the total amount stolen was $1,253.77. She did not notice the pump loss until she came to work the following day. Due to the camera system being down around the gas pump there was no video footage of the incident.

* * *

A woman working at 2340 Shallowford Village Dr. had her purse stolen from behind the counter as she was washing dishes. She said there was $560 in the purse along with a debit card and her prescription glasses worth approximately $400. There were quickly two credit card transactions at a Mapco and a Sonic in Cleveland, Tn. 

* * *

A loss prevention representative at Best Buy on Gunbarrel Road said a white male in his 20's about 5'7" with brown hair walked into the store and picked up a display laptop. He then concealed the laptop in the front of his pants and attempted to leave the store. The loss prevention representative then stopped the male and confronted him about the laptop. He then gave the laptop back and left the store. He got into a newer Fiat with drive out tags and fled the parking lot in an unknown direction before police arrival. 

* * *

At the same Best Buy, the loss prevention representative said a white female entered the store and attempted to place a display laptop in a fold up binder. The laptop was too big and she was unable to do so. She then attempted to purchase $2,000 worth of merchandise with a credit card with another woman’s name on it. The card was a prepaid Regions bank card and it was reported to Regions as stolen. The manager then kept the card and the female left the store. 

* * *

A woman said she was driving south of Highway 27 south of Morrison Springs Road when a dark-colored Ford truck and a large trailer passer her at a high rate of speed. As it went by a rock fell off the trailer and hit her windshield, cracking it. The woman said she tried to catch up to the trailer, and the result was getting two more windshield cracks. She was not able to get a good reading on the tag.

* * *

A clerk at Family Dollar on Lee Highway said a black male and black female entered the store. The black female had long straight braids and they both were of a medium build. She stated that she saw them enter and then she started putting up stock. As she was putting the stock away, the pair picked up a big cooler bag and traveled through the store placing multiple items in the bag. They left the store without paying. The employee ran outside and obtained the vehicle's possible tag ,but was unsure of the state.

* * *

Timmy Starnes said he preformed at Doc Holiday's on Ashland Terrace. When his performance was over and he was loading his equipment, someone stole his violin/fiddle which was in a standard black case with three bows. He described the instrument as being over 200 years old with a reddish brown finish and a flame tiger maple back. He also said it had four silver tuners on the tail piece of it. He said he had installed an RCS input jack, which makes this instrument like none other of its kind. He said the instrument is worth at least $10,000.. 


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