Residents Urged To Use Caution As Heavy Rains Bring Flash Flood Warning

Danielle Mitchell Will Protect Our Freedoms - And Response (2)

Friday, August 10, 2018

As the product of a military family, I’m perennially disgusted by politicians who wrap themselves in the American flag while weakening the basic freedoms American soldiers have fought and died for. If they truly respect the spirit of our democracy, they should oppose any policy whose true purpose is to undermine it. That includes gerrymandering by either party, and voter ID laws supposedly created to combat voter fraud (a “problem” that’s been proven not to exist), while making it harder for low-income and minority citizens to vote.

That also includes state laws that permanently strip felons of their right to vote, even after they’ve served their time. These laws are not the norm in the United States. They are a product of the Jim Crow South and are still seen primarily in the South. Along with draconian sentences for relatively small, nonviolent crimes, these laws have had the intended effect of reducing the power of black people as a voting bloc. In four southern states, including Tennessee, one in five African Americans can’t vote. Of course, the legal system is harsh on poor people of all races. In Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia, more than seven percent of adults are disenfranchised. 

To live up to the spirit of American democracy, we must elect leaders who are driven by a sense of fairness and who are not financed by industries that profit from an unfair system. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, for example, is one of the top-20 recipients of political donations from for-profit prisons, according to the Open Secrets website. Fortunately, we in the 3rd District have an excellent alternative in Dr. Danielle Mitchell, who’s running against Fleischmann in November. She won’t accept corporate PAC money. Her only special interest is people, and protecting the freedoms our flag represents. 

Allison Gorman 

* * * 

It’s funny that you mention being wrapped up in a flag. Like you, I grew up in a military family. So I found it especially disturbing when your beloved Dr. Mitchell was wearing a flag like it was some prop at an event a few months back. But I do understand that we all have different opinions. 

Looking at your article, it seemed to be heartfelt. Unfortunately none of your hopes and dreams will come to fruition, sorry to have to be the one to break it to you. Here’s the facts, as one of President Trump’s most loyal supporters in Congress, Chuck Fleischmann will win re-election.  

I find life is all about expectations, so hopefully it’ll help ease what may or may not be a potential case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

Hope this helps, 
James Berry 

* * * 

Mr. James Berry, 
Nowhere in her opinion letter did Allison Gorman mention the President. If you will please re-read her letter that you have responded to, you will see that she is discussing her concerns about political gerrymandering and campaign financing. To accuse her of having "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is completely unwarranted.   

Perhaps it is you sir, who is suffering from this "Trump Derangement Syndrome." Mrs. Gorman made a perfectly calm and valid statement of her political opinion regarding a local election. That you interpret her argument as some sort of criticism of the President speaks only to your own state of mind.   

Nolan Crenshaw

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